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Three women, three singers, three voices that come from the same family. That’s Cappella em Trio formed by Zefinha, Ana and Lu Alvarenga. Mother and daughters experiencing sounds and emotions, sharing musical notes, chords and dreams. Three women passing through compositions written in several times and regions, illustranting the nationwide diversity and its richness on a musical journey around a recondite Brazil, while spotlighting the beauty of what’s eminently popular in Brazilian music by finding and bringing out so extraordinary as anonymous compositions. All that’s been accompanied by 7-string accoustic guitar, mandolin, piano, accordion, violoncello, percussion, and other instruments.

Cappella em Trio plays Brazilian compositions written in several history times: from samba-choros and maxixes from 30’s and 40’s decades to the contemporary songs passing by the 50’s music, songs written by composers from Minas Gerais, and fados. The group renders new voices to little known or even totally unknown songwriters, but whose art have contributed to build up a national identity, besides making known their own compositions, which were created by deeply jumping into the origins of a multifaceted and sonorous country by nature. The trio has also been the voice of melodies originated in the religious syncretism, which makes this country the dwelling of several gods. 

The group takes part in many projects held in the city of Belo Horizonte, and in other cities across the state of Minas Gerais. Over its career, Cappella em Trio has embarked on two international tours comprising 20 shows in France where, in 2003, it participated in Cinema and Culture Festival of Latin America held in Biarritz and, in 2005, it was one of the groups that participated in the official agenda of the Year of Brazil in France. In 2011, it represented Brazil at the festival named Músicas Del Mundo held in Quito, Ecuador.